Women in Radio - #VlogChallenge Week 4 - Music

Women in Radio – #VlogChallenge Week 4 – Music

I know I don’t need to explain why I do the #VlogChallenge & what the topic (this one was music) is all about. But I have a blog and if Vlogging makes me Blog more then it’s win win.

Week 4 was all about music, so  after checking that it would be ok with the Station Manager, I took my camera down to Preston FM and recorded the Vlog whilst I was recording Geek On Radio.

First of all, IT IS CRAZY…

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I was Runner 5! My 2.8 Hours Later Review

I was Runner 5! My 2.8 Hours Later Review

It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of Six To Starts running game Zombies Run, and I frequently pretend to be Runner 5 whilst out around the park.  (I even have an Official Runner Five Shirt, that’s how much a fan I am!)

So it was AWESOME when I received some tickets to 2.8 Hours Later, in Manchester, as part of my leaving present from Lush Preston, this meant I could actually be Runner 5 and…

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#VlogChallenge Week 3 - Books!

#VlogChallenge Week 3 – Books!

So for Week 3 of #VlogChallenege, Nickie set the topic of books. Well, being a Vlog Challenge, Nickie can tell you herself & also answer some FAQs

I did have a really great plan, and wanted to do something cool. What you got was this…

Mostly because I only had this…

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Just uploaded Geek On RPGs to Mixcloud. Listen now!

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#VlogChallenge Week Two #Beauty

Ah, week two.

Kate is Nickie’s partner in crime for #vlogchallenge. She is blogging queen over at I am Wit Wit Woo and the topic was a beauty (or fashion) Vlog!

So I sulked a bit, and then realized that I go to the effort of Hennaing (is that right?) my hair on a semi regular basis, and that’s a beauty thing. Isn’t it? Yeah.


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Just uploaded Geek On with Team Stompy Death to Mixcloud. Listen now!

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Rock n Roll Liverpool Marathon.

Rock n Roll #Liverpool #Marathon.

It’s a funny running habit I’ve got. My husband described it as “do nothing for 6 months, then run a marathon.”

He’s right, that’s pretty much how I did the Rock n Roll Liverpool marathon this May, and it’s taken me nearly 2 months to sit down and write about it. Mostly out of laziness. Seems like my blogging & running habits are in sync.

So The Liverpool Rock N Roll Marathon.

indexLets start by…

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Just uploaded Geek On 6th July 2014 to Mixcloud. Listen now!

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I did knitting! Hooray!

I did knitting! It was for @Hevs birthday (in Jan) but I did knitting!

I realise that I have it written over there in the little discription of my blog, yet I’ve never really mentioned things I’ve knitted.

So here are the last thing I knitted…

Socks for Hevs

Hevs, aka Heather Smith, is an amazing illustrator who I have the pleasure being friends with & spent many Monday mornings opening up Lush Preston with.

Back in December Heather posted this beautiful drawing to…

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