A little less miserable about Weight Watchers

A little less miserable about Weight Watchers

I completed my first week (back) at Weight Watchers.

It was alright , they tricked me, and I liked it.

Previously I’ve joined and you have to buy the calculator & the scales, so you know how many points the food you’re putting in your face is worth, and the special book that tells you how many points that’s in a pizza from the chain takeaway, so you can’t have it and then cry and order anyway (or…

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Lush Kitchen - Vanilla in the Mist

Lush Kitchen – Vanilla in the Mist

In the middle of August Lush Kitchen made Percup massage bar. (I wrote about it>  It’s gorgeous)  And while writing about it I mentioned a soap I love but they no longer have in stores.

There hasn’t been a coffee product in Lush since Vanilla in the Mist, a really great soap that made you smell like a vanilla latte.

Then the Lush Kitchen went and made it over the Bank Holiday Weekend… I had to…

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Just uploaded Geek On with Dr Martin Bateman to Mixcloud. Listen now!

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Mixed Feelings.

I’ve returned to Weight Watchers.

I’m feeling very conflicted about it. Not conflicted that making an effort to be healthier, or that I’m actually paying attention to what I’m putting into my gob again.

More mixed feelings because of my past experiences with Weight Watchers. I’ve done this multiple times, and most often I’ve left after the leader of the class does one of two things;

1) leaves.…

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Look I’m a Zombie!

Look I’m a Zombie!

Remember when I “ran” 2.8 Hours Later?

Here’s the after party photo of our group!

2point8 hours later

Think I enjoyed being a zombie a little too much…

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Septemberathon or something

So apparently September is “Better Breakfast Month” & “Self Improvement Month” and my husband has challenged me to “Septemberathon” or something like that.

One thing at a time

So “Better Breakfast Month” and “Self Improvement Month”? Well these are the things I end up finding out about when I guest host a afternoon chat show on my community radio station. I’ve opted to actually have breakfast,…

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Just uploaded Geek on at Preston Board Gamers to Mixcloud. Listen now!

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Jogg Box - Unboxing

Remember #Juneathon? Were some people ran & blogged everyday of June, and some of us ran for about 3 days, then entered the prize draw for a Jogg Box anyway because we’re a cheeky sod?

Yeah, I won a Jogg Box! What is Jogg Box?

Well over on their website (www.joggbox.com) they say

JoggBox is a fun and exciting way to discover new…

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Just uploaded Geek On Oldham Hackspace to Mixcloud. Listen now!

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